- 1 Liter
- 96 Proof / 48% Abv
- Un-chill Filtered
- 11 Botanicals
- Pot Still, Maceration Method
- 160 Gal. Batches
- Neutral Grain Base

Few gins unfold like Letherbee’s flagship tipple, distilled by
hand with a clean yet robust blend of 11 botanicals. Juniper
spearheads a mélange of spices, including coriander, cardamom,
and cinnamon, while cubeb berries evoke a touch of
pepper and a hint of ginger in the nish. Lemon and orange
peel lend the dry, balanced concoction a bit of room for keen
drinkers to pick up subtle notes of licorice and almond. At 96
proof, Letherbee Gin shines in all contexts, whether sipped
straight, louched with a few drops of water until slightly
cloudy, or mixed in a cocktail.

56.50 EUR