LETHERBEE products are finally availble in Germany. Find a sweet selection of some of our products here at the exclusive Letherbee Onlineshop.

A gang of industry iconoclasts, Letherbee Distillers came together through a twist of fate, punk shows, and late­night drinking at local dives.

Rewind to 2007: Brenton Engel is cooking moonshine in his basement. Two years later, his “Illinois Joy” moonshine would create a cult following outside neighborhood bars and with various kitchen staffs across the city. Brent soon starts bar tending and affiliating with some of Chicago’s most experienced cocktaileurs and bartender­wildmen, who would soon team up with Brent to become Letherbee Distillers.

With absolutely zero influence from outside investors or marketers, Letherbee's level of authenticity is second to none. Now distributing in 12 states across the US, as well as in Germany and Denmark, the product family consists of the Original Label Gin, Barrel­ Aged Absinthe, Autumnal & Vernal Gins, Bësk, and Fernet.